Friday, September 1, 2017

Little American's "Big Boy" Room Makeover

Amazing how time flies....My little American turned 10 in August.  One of his birthday wishes was to convert his play room into his big boy room so he could move in.

Play room Christmas 2016

2 days after his pool party celebration, we began our DIY transformation.....

Initially we were going to hire someone to paint the room.  Surprisingly, our little guy wanted us to do it as a fun family project.

East wall Before

Well, after about 10 minutes of taping off the trim, guess who gave up leaving everything else to Papa and I?

East wall after

The wall color was completely his idea.   Both Papa and I were originally  unhappy with his choice.  However, once the color was up we were both sold.

We found the indoor/outdoor area rug  at

West wall Before

West wall after

The 3 cubby storage benches by Martha Stewart were purchased 9 years ago to furnish the play room.  The bench cushions and storage bins were unsalvageable after years of the Little American's numerous art projects.  Unfortunately, the unique size of the bench made it difficult to find a replacement.  So, instead we used chair cushions found at Ikea.  Red and Blue bins from Target.


Anonymous said...

I'm being selfish, but I've been following your blog for a few years and
I'm so happy when you post! I especially love the dascha and am waiting for that kitchen update! Lol.

gme said...

So happy to see a new blog post! The room looks fantastic! Will serve him well for years to com!

gme said...

Come! Sorry!

Dallas Speicher said...

Certainly a room that will be enjoyed now and when the little American is a teenager. As for wall color, he seems to have inherited your designer's eye.

With regards,
Elizabeth Speicher

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