Friday, September 30, 2016

Germany Summer Vacation Part 2-Kronberg im Taunus

Leaving Munich for Kronberg im Taunus

Schloss Hotel Kronberg

Visiting Heidelberg

super excited visiting the home of the Gummy Bear

Pool time!!!

Ready for dinner at the Castle Restaurant

Breakfast before a morning stroll and river cruise on the Rhine

Waiting on our castle tour on the Rhine river

strolling the castle grounds on the way to the golf course


Wileata Gore said...

HI Julio,

It's been forever since I've seen your blog. Your family is still as stylish as ever and I can't believe how big Danielle is. I think the last pics I saw were when you guys were in Rome years ago. Long story short, I forgot my password when I had to change it because of tampering and haven't been on the blog since. :(

Anyway, your Dacha is amazing and you are as talented as ever!

Subarna said...

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