Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekend on the coast

We had a wonderful time this weekend near the coast.  It was sunny and warm making it perfect for cruising on highway 1 to the beach.  

Heading west on highway 116, traveling the 12 miles from our cabin to the Pacific.   Does it get any better?
With every curve of the road, the excitement mounts as we get closer to the ocean.  Of course, this beautiful scenery always enhances our day trips to the seashore.
We spent all afternoon at nearby Goat Rock Beach.   The weather was in the mid 80's.   I took a nice nap while Papa & little Daniel built a sand castle and collected sea shells.

 Once our fun in the surf and sun (sometimes fog) is done, our return trip on this magnificent roadway usually includes a stop at Cape Fear Cafe  for a seafood feast in Duncans Mills.
Back at the cabin, we shake off the sand and relax on the porch.  Instead of the surf, we hear the birds singing and the breeze in the redwoods. 
It's always hard to leave this place.  We are looking forward to the Summer when the little guy is out of school so we can spend more days here.

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Marlis said...

Fabulous. I would find it hard to leave your darling retreat, even for the Pacific. xo marlis