Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Guest Post: Healthy vs. Unhealthy Home Decor Trends

By: Eva Stephen

 When we think about renovating our home, we rather think about how the new space will look than how healthy it will be to live in it. Eco movements and “green” home décor experts are creating awareness about the importance of living in a healthy home, so we are on the right path to change the way we approach working on our home.
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Identifying the sources of danger

 You might ask what can be so unhealthy inside a house. Aren’t we safer inside than outside where cars and buses pass by all the time, polluting the air? Believe it or not, one of the most problematic things in our house is any kind of fabric. So, the danger of unhealthy particles that we breathe in comes from our rugs, curtains, upholstered furniture, bed covers, etc.

Safe and responsible shopping 

Whether you’re the kind of person who likes shopping for furniture online, on the reliable, or in real off-line stores, you have to look out for the same type of things: the kind of materials the furniture is made of. If you are shopping for wooden chairs and tables, make sure it’s solid wood and not particleboard or plywood.

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 Solid wood emits the lowest levels of formaldehyde that can cause all kinds of illnesses. When shopping for upholstered furniture, go for natural and chemical-free fabrics like cotton and wool, not only because they are your safest healthy choice, but also because they are more durable than synthetic, unhealthy materials. Be well informed about the type of fabric you are buying and the potential dangers it hides.

 Rethink the type of flooring 

 If you have a wall-to-wall carpet or a synthetic rug, you might want to rethink your flooring choice. These kinds of flooring are the most common source of unhealthy, toxic substances. You should instead choose a carpet-less wooden floor or ceramic tiles for the kitchen and bathroom. Not only is this a healthier solution, but it’s also easier to clean. If you still want some warmer flooring during the winter, you can alternate between bare floors during summer and small organic wool rugs during winter.

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  Mold is a serious enemy

It is recommended that we repaint our walls once a year. Many people do not have the time or money to do it this often, but in that case you should examine your walls carefully and look for the slightest sign of mold. If you find it, repainting the walls won’t exactly solve your problem, but it help you avoid inhaling the toxic particles in the short run, while you search for a permanent solution.

 Spine is as important as the lungs 
We are not only in danger of what we breathe in, but also where we sit and sleep in. Our spine is susceptible to damage if we sleep on uncomfortable beds or sit in an irregular position for too long. That is why choosing the right kind of bed and mattress is of utmost importance for our health.

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  Spend time outside 
 If you have a balcony or a back yard, you should be spending as much time outside as you can. In order to make that time enjoyable, you should put some nice chairs and a table outside, where you can have a pleasant breakfast or supper surrounded by all that nice, fresh greenery.
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 These pieces of advice are not here to make you panic, but to help you organize yourself the next time you decide to renovate.

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