Tuesday, February 5, 2013

2013 Evening of Masquerade

On January 26th  Hand Made Events, an event planning organization out of San Francisco, hosted an Evening of Masquerade at Fort Mason in the Marina.  Over 1,500 participants attended the black and white gala with wagons,baskets and rolling carts in tow containing dinner plates, stemware,candelabras, floral arrangements and pretty much everything needed to create their own personal and elegant setting on bare tables and chairs that awaited guests the freedom to embellish.

photo courtesy hand made events
I purchased tickets in advance. Unfortunately, I overlooked the "no children allowed" print so had to give away the tickets. The coordinators originally started as Le Diner San Francisco which is a sort of outdoor dining flash mob.    The event coordinators select a public location for a 4 hour dinner party. The location is kept confidential until 2 hours before the start time. Interested attendees join a limited guest list and are only given the date and time months in advance of the gathering.
photo courtesy hand made events
The idea was inspired by Diner en Blanc which is an international event that originated in France by François Pasquier over 25 years ago.
photo courtesy hand made events
 The Paris event currently assembles nearly 15,000 participants each year.  Diners gather at the city's most beautiful public spaces dressed in all white carrying everything they need from food and wine to portable tables,chairs and any accoutrements necessary to create an unforgettable and elegant dining experience under the stars.
photo courtesy hand made events
 An Evening at the Masquerade followed the same idea of keeping secret the event location until 2 hours beforehand.  However, the planners reserved the location and space ahead of time instead of adhering to the Diner en Blanc's tradition of spontaneously filling a public space.
photo courtesy hand made events
But, by withholding the information they maintained the anticipation and excitement that is characteristic of original flash mob idea.

photo courtesy hand made events

Reserving the space and charging a fee allowed the organizers to provide entertainment,alcoholic beverages,tables and chairs for the attendees' convenience   Participants brought their own food,tableware and decorations.
photo courtesy hand made events

Hand Made Events will resume it's outdoor flash mob dining on September 27th at a secret location in San Francisco.  For more information visit Handmade-events.com


Entertaining Women said...

Now this is my idea of a flash mob! Such a great inspiration. Did you attend? Cherry Kay

Things and Thoughts said...

I wish I could be there !What a great atmoshere! Incredible decoration.Thanks for sharing.

Janie's World said...

How do you find out about these things!!! This sounds so awesome, a little intimidating that you have to bring all the tableware and food, especially if you are arriving by bus or taxi due to the parking situation. You would have to be really organized! I would love to see pics of your table if you attended.

Phyllis @Around the House said...

It looks like the most elegant chic party wish I were there for sure, loved those cool cool pictures, too much lol loved it all

Designs By Pinky said...

What a great idea. I love this!!! It looks like the attendees went al out to make their spaces elegant. So sorry you had to miss it. Pinky