Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Beloved Mary Poppins


Linda Q said...

Have to agree, love Mary!!!
Linda Q
How have all you men and little man at Beaux Mondes been?
I hope good!

Angela B said...

LOL what a horrifying version of our beloved Mary Poppins

ArchitectDesign™ said...

haha - i know i've seen this before but it always makes me laugh. I have to admit to something -mary poppins is my favorite movie - for reals. I always answer that question 'favorite movie' with mary poppins. People think it's hilarious but's my security blanket!
Have you read the original book? it is actually pretty creepy!
Thanks for this post today :-)

home staging Toronto said...

Hi! Well, I haven't seen this before, but made me laugh, so thanks for the post. Poor Mary Poppins! If she only had known how scary she would be one day!
Take care,

Paris Atelier said...

Hello Dear Julio!
I just have to pop in and say thank you for message. Your words were so sweet and they truly touched me. Thankyou for not only thinking of me but taking the time to write such a wonderful little note to me!!! I've missed you! I hope the little man is doing well and having fun prepping for Halloween! It has been so hectic and busy, I hardly know my name anymore! The little prince is keeping me on my toes lately and I've been so caught up with Mommy & Me, play dates, potty training, etc. etc!
I miss you & hope all is well :)
I loved this Mary Poppins!!! So funny! We purchased tickets to see it in November and I can't wait!

katiedid said...

Hi Julio!
Eeek! This is scary!!! I have never seen it before....I am going to show my girls. They will get a kick out of it!

Hey....when are we going to meet in person anyway? I was having lunch with Paloma of La Dolce Vita when she was visiting Sac last week and I thought of you and was embarrassed to say I had not met you yet, and here we are in the same HOOD!

Looks like you are prepping for Halloween. This is the best neighborhood ever for this holiday, don't you think?

little augury said...

How about that! MP is on my post today-I am visiting here thru AD. I saw Mary and she popped out at the screen. Traver's books are a little darker than the Disney Mary. Come over and see Mary. LA

Sabina said...

That is just too funny - I must pass it along. I fear I'll never look at Julie Andrews quite the same way ever again!

Have a wonderful day Julio!!

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

too too funny! love it. I've never seen that - thanks for posting!

(by the way - I've actually met Dame Andrews!)

Pigtown-Design said...

Hilarious! I was in England visiting my grandfather and then came home and saw this movie when it first came out. For the longest time, I couldn't separate what was real and what wasn't. It was only when I saw the movie when I was grown, I realized that some of the memories of things were from the movie.

Have you seen the funny trailer for Sleepless in Seattle which makes Meg Ryan look like a stalker?