Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Bracebridge Dinner At Yosemite

Can you imagine celebrating a Christmas feast in a hall with soaring 50 foot ceilings framed by enormous windows looking out across the snow capped mountains of Yosemite? Well, don't stop there, add to the picture hundreds formally dressed fellow diners and the heraldic music of a live symphony, the voices of a cast of a hundred performers in period costume, course after course of fabulous food and then your imagination might just capture the essence of this California tradition.

At least, that is how the Bracebridge Dinner was described to us at a recent dinner party. Of course, we are completely captured by the idea of being a part of the event and have added it to our "to do" list.

The dinner has been held every year since 1927 at the beautiful Ahwahnee hotel. Originally, the only way to get a ticket was to enter your name into a lottery.

Fortunately, it is now available to all on a first come first serve basis. The inspiration for the dinner was Washington Irving's Sketch Book that described Squire Bracebridge and English Christmas traditions of the 17th Century.

(attendees from past celebrations)

The meal is presented as a feast in the Squire's manor hall and the performers are all member's of the Squire's staff or guest list who host the diners throughout the 3 1/2 hour dinner. Ansel Adam's played the Lord of Misrule at the very first Bracebridge Dinner! Visit for more information. Happy Holidays


Karena said...

Could this event be any more fabulous!? I would love to see images from this years gala.

Remember to come & enter my $200 Giveaway from Fifi Flowers!

Art by Karena

Tristan Robin said...

oh, wow!

I'm pea-green - this is right up my alley LOL!

I've been to several events of this nature - but nothing that was as pull-out-the-stops grand as this appears to be!

xinex said...

What a great and special event to be able to attend. Wouldn't it be such an honor? I can only imagine!...Christine

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to do this. It looks so fun. Getting all dressed up, having dinner in a beautiful dining room, seeing a "show" and the snow quietly blanketing the beautiful scenery. I hope you guys go, take pictures and share!

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