Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dining In The Crows Nest

Happy Tablescape Thursday!!!

This table for 4 was set at the bay window next to Dan's home office. Although Halloween is no doubt one of my favorite holidays, unfortunately its also one of my most challenging when it comes to decorating.

For me, the challenge is trying to add elegance to horror and whimsy.

Another challenge is capturing the setting with dim lighting...especially since I use a lot of dark colors. In this case, the In an attempt to meet the challenge, I incorporated white with the black as an alternative to my original black table cover. I thought the black and white color would be in keeping with the "haunting" appeal.

The black valance and drapes are simply yards of unlined and un-hemmed fabric that I arranged to tie the window into to the table's primary color theme.

The black and white check table topper is a picnic blanket.

Vintage etched stemware. Ironically, the milkmaid oil painting was a garage sale find which I purchased about 16 years ago for a haunted mansion theme party. However, I liked it so much that I decided to hang it all year. Dan strongly dislikes it because he thinks it looks too amateur.

I cut some of the same black fabric to make sashes for the sconces to tie them, like the valances, to the table's color palette.

I added books on the window sill for a little haunted library/study touch.

Here are the artificial white peonies which I spray painted some in a glossy black.

We purchased the used wrought iron cage chandelier for our outdoor decorations. I thought it worked well in this setting as it lent to the spooky ambiance.

The following images are of the first setting I created. I decided to change the table after looking at these photos. It just looked too too messy. The funny thing is that Dan liked it better because he thought it was spookier and insisted I include them in the post for you to decide.
The black birds were all purchased from Target 5 years ago. They are definitely my favorite Halloween decorations.

I just took black tulle and artificial spider webbing and went crazy.
I purposely left the wrinkles in the tablecloth to add to the creepy chaos.

The stone gargoyle candle pillar holders were a great find from Home Goods.

Finally, 2 images in color.

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Thank you for visiting and please don't forget to stop over at Between Naps On The Porch to see unique and creative tablescapes.


Unknown said...

Wow, Julio! You did a fantastic job. A lot of extra little details that make the scenario so realistic. Love those creepy black birds and the books. I can't believe you went through all the trouble of hanging that chandelier in the house! EEK, what we won't do to complete a tablescape. Spooktacular!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Good Evening, Julio!

Both settings are delightful, but I think your tablescapes always are. I love everything in the first tablescape from the checked picnic cloth to the wonderful candle lantern above the table, and then in the scarier setting with the blackbirds, gargoyles, the haunted library, spider webs, and tulle, I felt as if I were in the Haunted Mansion at Disney! You did a wonderful job in making it fun. What did your son think? I bet he loved it all.

Happy Tablescape Thursday...


Sheila :-)

Katie@LeBeauPaonVictorien said...

Great job on both tables! I love the haunted elegance of the first and also all the great eerie details of the second! Even in color it's spectacular!
Great idea using the black fabric draped over the curtains and tied to the sconces!

a quiet life said...

loving the black and white~

Scribbler said...

You always do such creative things! I like both -- you are so talented.

xinex said...

This is really cool, Julio! SO original. The black and white really makes it spooky...Christine

Marlis said...

Wow, amazing. I love draping fabric to tie all things together. Not sure which one i like better, they are really both fabulous settings.. I can't believe you brought in a chandelier for a tablescape!! It does look fab though.

Bill said...

Will you be mad, Julio, if I side with Dan and say I think the first table you set is my favorite of the two? It's absolutely spectacular! The both are. I very much like the second one as well -- it's crisp, appealing, and conveys a feeling of impending doom!

Your tables are always beautiful. It's a joy and an inspiration whenever I stop by for a visit!

Very best regards,

The Style Sisters said...

Julio! This is fantastic! Love the B/W theme...the checked picnic blanket is perfect...but all your details make this room a stand out! Great job and such creative ideas. Please come link up to Centerpiece Wed and share your ideas on my blog.


vignette design said...

I can't decide which table setting I like more, but I'm leaning toward Dan's favorite. Only you Julio can create an elegant, spooky table. Photographing them in black and white is genius too....

Entertaining Women said...

It is always such a treat for me to discover that you have posted a tablescape for TT. This would be a wonderful setting Halloween or'd just dispense with the crows, etc. You have such a sophisticated eye for design. It is always a thorough pleasure perusing your artistry. Thank you for sharing your elegant Halloween table. Cherry Kay

Linda Q said...

Ooo I love this and like that you did it in black and white photography! Great job! Classically spooky.
Sorry been away, I have been so so busy, I need to be twins at least!
I can see I need to catch up on blog reading!
Thanks for stopping by my blog Julio. Hugs all around to your family!

illini89 said...

very cool! The tablescape and the black and whites--

Marigene said...

Great did Halloween up very those ravens!

Kathy said...

You did a wonderful job creating a dramatic atmosphere - love your use of black and white as well as color pictures - the centerpiece is wonderful!

Alycia Nichols said...

Yikes!!! You went completely all out with the fabric treatments and everything! I bow to you, sir! You got just the right balance of creepy and elegance you were looking for! You addressed a lot of detail which is what makes for great decorating...even on weird holidays like Halloween! :-) Have a wonderful weekend, and I look forward to seeing future designs!

Tea in Texas said...

I really like the photos with the black and white table covering without the spider webs. It is fascinating seeing the differences. It truly is fun to experiment with new purchases. Elegance and scariness is the perfect decription.

A Perfect Setting said...

I believe you accomplished your goal! Very horrifying and elegant!! Great job!

Dreamgoddess said...

I love both Halloween looks! The black and white topper was perfect and I love all the little details you added.

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Julio...I love this! It's spooky and elegant at the same time. I love those blackbirds! LOL I bet the Little American had a blast on Halloween!