Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Holiday Travel Day

Travel day to Vienna,Austria.  We took the 2:50 pm Air France flight 87 from San Francisco International  to Charles De Gaulle.  Yes, Sheepie came along.
Air France Lounge SFO

This will be Sheepie's 3rd trip to Europe.  We arrived a couple hours early to ensure no problems with check in.  To our surprise, check-in was a breeze.  All the check-in counters were open with no lines.

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  With a little more time than expected, we decided to visit the new American Express Centurion lounge which just opened it's doors in June 2014.  The lounge offers gourmet foods and top shelf drinks to its card members.  The vertical garden in the lobby is cool.

 The decor is very sleek and modern.  It was very busy.  We had to wait a few minutes for a table in the dining area.  However, the wait was worth it.  The small bites were delicious and plentiful.
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  Our only disappointment is its location  in the domestic terminal.  This required a bit of a walk from the international terminal.  But, with the prospect of 11 hours on a plane, we embraced the stroll.    After trying the offerings, we headed back to the international terminal to the Air France lounge to enjoy its noshes and gather our carry on luggage which we had left with the concierge.

Finally, we board and are off to Paris's Charles de Gaulle Airport to catch our connecting flight to Vienna, Austria. Wir sheen ins in Wien!


Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

Your ADORABLE son is one lucky guy, to be a world traveler at this young age and to be exposed to all this culture. He also looks FABULOUS, his attire is amazing. You are such great parents, like I said he is a lucky guy. Our daughter and SIL adopted a little girl and she too is a lucky girl.....but we are the REALLY lucky ones to have her. I am sure you feel the same:) Enjoy your trip!!!!

gme said...

I'm still looking forward to pics of your trip. Why no update in so long?

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well with you and the family since it's been almost 8 months since you last blogged. I was so looking forward to reading about this trip. Your son is darling and how lucky is he to be exposed to these travel adventures! Gina from the Midwest

Picnic Benches said...

He is adorable! I hope everything is well.